Cyber Monday Special!

We plan, design and launch your Facebook Ads

Cyber Monday Special!

We plan, design and launch your Facebook Ads

A complete step-by-step, hand-holding, Get Stuff Done offer!

  • Our world-class copywriters write your Ad copy
  • Our expert graphic designers design your stop scrolling Ads (2 images)
  • Our Tech experts audit your Facebook Business Manager and Ad acount for proper setup
  • Our Facebook Ad experts configure you Ad campaign and launch your Ad


Event recording so you can review the process at your leisure



60 day FREE coaching and mentoring via my private Facebook group.



2 live zoom calls per week for 8 weeks – 60 minute Q&A sessions



Full Facebook Business Manager and Ad Account Audit and Setup


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Cyber Monday Special! We Plan, Write, Design and Launch Your Facebook Ads $97.00

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“My name is Jennifer McSweeney. I am a transformational author and coach in the process of setting up my business online. One of the things I needed to set up was a Facebook ad account. However, when it comes to technology, I am at the pre-K level.  I wanted to find someone who would be able to take me by the hand, so to speak and guide me through the process from the first step, all the way to the end. This is what Marvin Leventhal did for me. He guided me through the process of setting up my Facebook ad account, literally guiding me step by step telling me what to do first, next, then all the way to the end. Having Marvin’s expert help brought me peace of mind and quick results.

Thanks again, Marvin”

“Hello. My name is Kathryn Dager and for 35 years, I have been traveling to all different clients and helping them reshape their culture and create training systems. And I used to fly all the time and now I’m doing everything virtually. Oh my goodness, what a huge transition, and I’m going to tell you my secret weapon. 

His name is Marvin Leventhal. Oh yeah. He is the whiz of tech. He has helped me climb my way out of so many rabbit holes. I don’t even know what I would do without him. I cannot tell you enough about what Marvin is able to do. Do yourself a huge favor, bring him on your team,  make him one of the business partners of your team, and he will support you all the way to a lot of chaching. So I just want to say Marvin Leventhal. is just worth his weight in gold. Don’t even think about it. You’ll be so glad to do it. And thank you.”

“Hi, my name is Carrie Glenn. I am a sales page specialist and copywriter marketer, all those fun things that we do online in the digital world. I was having all sorts of trouble getting pixels and all those things, put together and the whole Facebook ad scene as many of you might experience this. I’m over it. 

I got on a call with Marvin who within an hour had my pages verified, my pixels firing. It was just wonderful. He was patient and helpful and just guided me through it. Marvin knew exactly what to do. He walked me through it with grace and proficiency and professionalism. So thank you Marvin, a million times over. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”