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Enhance your teen’s personal growth, confidence, skills and motivation through strategic use of extracurricular activities.

Avoid the stress, frustration and confusion of the college admission process by getting an early start on college planning!

Kids Talk About Barb

Parent Testimonials

“I can’t say enough amazing things about Barbara and how helpful she was for me and for them during this process.“

We started with Barbara at the end of my twins sophomore year of high school, which seems early, but was really the best decision we could have made and the best money we ever spent.

She always made herself available to me, no matter how small the question may have been.

Her guidance also led my daughter to get around $7500 in merit aid, and my son about 10,000, which certainly it goes well above covering her costs.

I think it’s gives you a clear roadmap for the college applications. I really find it very valuable.

My name is Carolina. Thank you very much, Barb. I think what is very clear to me is that the program gives you a very good roadmap, not only about, the academics is curricular, the, college application overall, but it gives you a very clear understanding as to how to set goals, how to follow through.

There is sort of a misconception about the extracurricular activities. I think a lot of people talk about them. It’s very clear you should work with those extracurriculars using your child’s strengths and, working on that.


“She truly is the guru of extra curricular activities.

She knows more than anyone that I know. And I consider myself like very resourceful. I’m not a guidance counselor or anything, and I, you know, wanted to learn more, but I learned so much more than I could have ever expected. And she taught us things that.

We never would have known you feel like you’re in good hands.

I recommend the program so highly to all parents that. Looking to help them help their kids. And it’s not only about getting into college, we’re setting them up for a really good life ahead and not only college, but what happens beyond college by going through her program.”


Barb Leventhal – America’s Extracurricular Guru

Barbara Leventhal brings more than 30 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and college counselor. “All parents take great pride in the special qualities of their children. My role is to define those qualities and channel them in unique ways that tell a compelling story for college admission.”

As an educational consultant, reading specialist, teacher, administrator, parent, and grandparent, Barbara Leventhal knows what it’s like to experience the stress and frustration at every step in the education process. Her empathy for her students makes things easier for both them and their parents.


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